Sunday, 30 December 2007

Hunter and Shooter blogspot, also known as Justin Hinchcliffe of the Tottenham Conservative Party has asked me to do a MEME.

Justin, sweet pea, I don't know what a MEME is.

Anyway, here's eight ideas for 2008.

1). I attend Art 2008, at the Business Design Centre, in Islington, with Mr Badger (formerly known as Doctor Finlay).
2). I eat a tin of mackerel everyday, drink 2 litres of water, eat one apple, one orange and half a broccoli.
3). I think before I open my mouth.
4). I swim forty lengths a day.
5). I read all of PG Wodehouse's novels.
6). I read Conservative Home twice a week.
7). I attend more political functions.
8). I find another job.

By the way, I am in the middle of the above photo, wearing a bright yellow shirt and a black and white skirt, with large spots on. This was taken on the terraces at Westminster, in, I think, it was the summer of 2005.

I am talking to two lovely women. One of which is a Conservative Councilor from Fulham and the other was the very successful literary agent, Maggie Noach. I briefly became friends with Maggie Noach two years ago, I kept bumping into her at various functions and events, and I was very upset when I discovered the news that she had suddenly passed away. When I found out I was in Convent Garden having a G&T, I was about to go to a CWF function when I got the call from one of her assistants, informing me that Maggie had died. Prior to the phone call I had gone around Convent Garden and bought her some gifts as a way of saying thank you for her kindness and friendship. Her death came out of the blue. I am not going to go into it. But, if you type in 'Maggie Noach' and 'obituary' you can find out what happened. It's all very, very sad indeed.

1). I know I am a Tory and I am quite mad with Gordon Brown about some of the things that he has done, but I cannot stand the way people in the media mock him and his 'mental health' - his shaking hands. I don't like it and I wish they would stop.
2). Mr Badger writes a political blog and I just wish that he would get a political book deal of some sort. Most of the time I read his blog and I have no idea what he's talking about, he is too brainy, or I'm just a bit thick.
3). Peace in Pakistan/Iraq/Iran/Israel.
4). Expose people like J ***S Pipe (can't believe he's just been awarded an OBE - I am totally baffled why he has been nominated - I think it is disgusting) for being utterly corrupt and useless.
5). To make children and young people more accountable for their actions. If they do the crime then they should do the time.
6). Children who are violent in schools should be taken out of mainstream education and put into a borstal type of establishment.
7). Get rid of Mugabe.
8). Get rid of the PC brigade.

Badger and Cadger.

Thursday, 27 December 2007