Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Apology to Secret SquirrelSWUK2007.

Sadly, my party did not go ahead. It wasn't a hoax - it really was due to take place. I had bought a water pistol and water bombs etc but I ....... had a panic attack (on Friday morning and didn't make it into work)- I get them occasionally - not pleasant, believe me.

I am better now. As result of this I spent all of Monday hiding in the drama studio. I couldn't face my boss. It is an absolute taboo taking time off in that place, nobody, I repeat nobody, takes time off and I did feel extremely guilty about it. I felt I had let the kids down.

On Saturday evening when I was feeling a little bit better I persuaded Dr. Finlay to have a game of hide and seek with me, which he did, that cheered me up a lot. It's not often I get to play it, living in my bedsit.

I decided to be really original and hide behind a door. When he opened the door I was able to easily jump out at him. I pretended to be a grizzly bear as I grabbed hold of him. I made all of the bear noises. I wanted to make it a believable and authentic performance, we're talking Stanislavski style and standard of acting. It was unexpected fun. I managed to wrestle Dr Finlay to the ground. He was a bit shocked and said in a rather frazzled tone, "I think it's time for your booster now". That's after him finally managing to unclasp my tight grasp from around his torso.

Dr. Finlay also informed me that I share my birthday, which is actually 17th June and not 16th June with Ken Livingstone. Shortly after telling me this he had to resuscitate me because for a moment I lost consciousness. Apparently I had a seizure of some description.

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