Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Sue's back from Canada - GREAT!!! I would like to invite Sue to write a guest post on my blog. Are you game Sue?

I am not going to reveal Sue's identity - that wouldn't be fair on her. All I will tell you is that she is Tory, she's attractive and unlike me she really is a political beast - she really knows her stuff and talks with a great deal of conviction, zest and all that positive stuff that politicians try hard to do - she's a natural basically. We're talking knowledge here - depth, keeping abreast of all things political.

At the moment this well educated, passionate woman has been pursuing a career in politics now for about ten months. It's tough because it does appear to be a predominately male dominated environment. I am definitely NOT into positive discrimination, and neither is Sue, but you do tend to get the impression that it's jobs for the boys, mostly. And, if you're a woman and you're over thirty five that can often be a barrier too. My boss is a classic example of someone who looks at age and dismisses a person on the grounds of their age. She wasn't going to interview our current administrator because she is over forty, that's until I had words with her. No wonder we clash so much, she's such a bigot. We can't all be under thirty and Princesses - like she obviously thinks she is.
Going back to Sue; she is a public sector worker, works in the health service. Whilst holding down a full-time job, running a home, a husband and two grown-up teenagers she managed to successfully complete a degree with honours.

Respect goes out to Sue!!

I met her at a W2W event a year and half ago (that was the very same night I smoked a large Cuban cigar and had a conversation with the cross dressing snowman) and, we have subsequently met at CWF events and other Con bashes.

So, Sue are you game?

By the way I am not going to the next W2W event - I don't have fifty quid and it's Tottenham's AGM that night. Justin has told me that I MUST attend. So, I am going to go to that instead.

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Anonymous said...

Cool sounding lady.
I'd like to meet her!