Sunday, 6 April 2008

Hello, is that Tommy Tom Tom?

Hello, is that Tommy Tom Tom?

No, actually it's me Catriona
Backenzie from Tottenham Hale.

Just to give you all an update I have handed in my notice in at school, and guess what I don't have a job to go to. That school was killing me professionally, emotionally. I feel damaged by the constant abuse from the kids/staff. I am getting fat, I'm drinking too much. I hate the way I look at the moment I am probably depressed. I am damaged I need a good school, not one that kicks you.

I get paid up until August 31st which is some relief. The problem is,
coz like, like coz, I have already been to two teaching interviews and the competition is fierce. Like my neighbours dog, Pepsi the poodle. I am sick of its barking.

My hair is brown now, like my soul, shit stained.

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