Sunday, 20 April 2008

I cannot advocate racism of any kind - sorry - but do read the blog below. I work in Hackney for god's sake. It would be unethical and dishonest.

I am into TOTAL EQUALITY. However, I do have major issues and concerns with one group of people but I'm afraid I have to keep these thoughts to myself. There is one religion who goes out of its way to undermine women. I saw a documentary once about a young woman that was beaten to death by all of the men in her village because she fell in love with the wrong person. They killed her beat her, kicked, threw stones at her. It was horrific.

A girl I lived with at Dartington College of Arts is Jewish and she told about how her mother was subjected to some really vicious racism from her next door neighbour. He believe it or not was a retired policeman, he would come out of his house and shout at her calling her a 'Jewish whore' and other really nasty anti-Semitic comments. She was a single mother bringing up two young girls all on her own. She was frightened.

Racism exists at the school I work at. I delivered a scheme of work on the Holocaust and the black children that I teach told me how much they hate Jews. I was gobsmacked and actually very offended by their comments. I have tried hard to rectify their bizarre opinion of Jews and I have to say that I have failed to make them see sense. It is something I have brought up with the senior leadership team and I am still waiting to see what action they take. The kids' views are strong and they are almost like cement - they won't go away.

As I type this I am watching a documentary on the Holocaust. God it's disturbing. I really dislike bigots and I really dislike the views of the children that I teach, obviously these views come from their homes. It's terrible.

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