Sunday, 20 April 2008

We should celebrate diversity of opinion.


Fighting for freedom, Democracy, Socialism, and against the forces of hatred. The blog that all politicians love. Warning some people are not clever, or nice enough, to enjoy this blog. I feel nothing but contempt for them, and ask them to grow up. LOL

I think it is very sad when people bully others just because they do not agree with their opinions. I think it's a shame that the Dirty European Socialist has taken off his comment facility because clearly people have been subjecting him to cyber bullying and that's not on. When I initially started my blog, a year ago now, I experienced some cyber bullying and it was very unpleasant. I hope that the Dirty European Socialist puts the comment facility back onto his blog and that people are a little bit more respectful of his views. If you don't like his views then don't read his blog.

At the end of the day our blogs are just a hobby and people shouldn't be abusive.

Diversity of opinion is a truly great thing and we should celebrate the fact that we have freedom of speech in this country. Okay, I am not socialist but I am someone who likes debate.

God Bless D.E.S. Love Catriona!!!!!!!


Man Of The Woods said...

Debates are always a good thing.



Thanks for the support Bridget. I have added your blog to my external links. I have been victim of cyber bullying too, but I more do not want to allow comments on my blog because I am selfish, and want to build up my viewership first, before I start comments. If I get above a 1000 page impressions day I will allow comments.
I will add your blog to my external pages.

Anyway MOTW who also who replied to this this post. How can someone be nationalist about Swindon. They would not last long in a war against the Faroe islands, or San Marino LOL.