Friday, 9 March 2007

Floating Point Numbers

Just when I had come to terms with the sudden death of TP Fuller – Ibn Battuta turns up, on a premier Tory blog. These characters are mincing with the grey matter inside my head. Not only that but the new Ibn Battuta has become a Conservative Activist, either that or I am going completely nuts.

For the record TP Fuller was a psycho bloke; a squirrel killer (the lowest of the low - SCUM). He drove a crap van and lived in some obscure and incestuous village in Hampshire - a southern version of Royston Vasey. According to his long suffering wife he went on to assume the identity of Ibn Battuta. His family were completely baffled by this, as was I, and I didn’t even know him. Apparently, he got on the back of a camel one day and attempted to ride across Morocco, and this is the place where he died. We’re still unclear about how he died, although we believe it could be something to do with an angry camel.

Conjugate roots property
Suppose P (x) is a polynomial with real coefficients. If z = is a solution of P (x) = 0 then so is z =
Suppose x = i is one root of a polynomial.By the conjugate roots property x = -i is also a root.Then (x - i) and (x + i) are factors.Hence (x - i)(x + i) = x2 + 1 is a quadratic factor with real coefficients.


Newmania said...

hallo you ...I have no idea who this person is and I don`t know if he is dead or alive so I `m alittle at sea here .

I think the word quixotic sums it up best which is a better assesment than it sounds. Our nobleman did after all believe he was heading out into the world to right the wrongs of mankind

( Love the pictures of you .... I may have to upgrade you from not bad after ten pints in a dim light to almost sort of ......pretty if you look sideways quickly squinting)


Newmania said...

Quixotic is not so bad ,I `m a bit that way myself

In short, our nobleman became so caught up in reading that he spent his nights reading from dusk till dawn, and his days reading from sunrise to sunset; and so with too little sleep and too much reading his brains dried up, causing him to lose his mind. His fantasy filled with everything he had read in his books, enchantments as well as combats, battles, challenges, wounds, courtings, loves, torments, and other impossible foolishness, and he became so convinced in his imagination of the truth of all the countless grandiloquent and false inventions he read, that for him no history in the world was truer. ……..The truth is that when his mind was completely gone, he had the strangest thought any lunatic in the world ever had, which was that it seemed reasonable and necessary to him, both for the sake of his honor and as a service to the nation, to become a knight errant and travel the world with his armor and his horse to seek adventures and engage in everything he had read that knights errant engaged in, righting all manner of wrongs and, by seizing the opportunity and placing himself in danger and ending those wrongs, winning eternal renown and everlasting fame.


Darkersideofbridgetjones said...

You're nothing but a smug bastard Newmania. I hate you!!!!!!!!! Anyway - you must start blogging on Donal Blaney's blogspot. He has written a really EXCELLENT article on the wages public sector workers get.

The Hitch said...

wtf are you doing in an Internet cafe at this time of night, and wtf am I bothered?

Ibn Battuta said...


Sorry for the confusion. I'm afraid it's all a terrible coincidence and I am not TP Fuller. I'm just some other non-entity who is very much taken by the work of Shams al-Din Abu ‘Abd Allah Muhammad ibn ‘Abd Allah ibn Muhammad ibn Ibrahim ibn Muhammad ibn Ibrahim ibn Yusuf ibn Battuta al-Lawati al-Tanji, better known as Ibn Battuta and, having recently visited many of the countries he had, decided to adopt his name as my blogging name. FAOD, I have killed no squirrels.

It struck me from your post on Donal's blog that there might have been another poster so I decided to investigate your blog and discovered the truth. It is a most excellent blog and I am pleased to be able to clarify matters.

If you are interested, as well as reading the book of Battuta's travels, you should read Travels with a Tangerine by Tim Mackintosh-Smith. He's the guy who did the recent BBC4 series on Battuta which I missed because - somewhat inevitably - I was travelling.

And you're right about Donal's blog: it is almost as good as yours.

Goodnight and may G_d be gracious to you!