Sunday, 25 March 2007

It looks like I will be climbing that Munro after all - thanks mum for changing your mind.

'brokenness transformed into beauty' - that's the intention. 'What is lost is found again; what is broken is whole again'.
'We are all God’s prodigal children. We have the potential to transform our brokenness into something quite beautiful simply by returning home to the Father. No vociferous mea culpa is necessary. The father sped to his son before he heard one word of contrition'.
"Now, mea culpa, lord! I me repente."


Lucien Modo said...

Desperately sad tale Miss MacKenzie,

Most issues of addictive behaviour can be found to have causal links to upbringing. Dear Mum and Dad seem a bit Old Testament to me, but then I do not know what you may or may not have put them through. However they do seem like a couple of old hens.
I am just seeing off the last throws of a particularly unpleasant hangover right now, the fourth one this last week… but then it was a very fine Bordeaux. At least these days I seem to have outgrown the mania for putting my hands inside women’s clothing whilst drunk, something that many of my female friends thank providence for.
So long as you do not turn to Religion.

Darkersideofbridgetjones said...

I won't turn to Religion. But, if I do this AA thing properly I will have to acknowledge the big book. They do go on a lot about the big book.

Alcoholism is a big problem for a lot of people. There are over five hundred AA meetings a week in London, 24/7.

I really do feel like shit today. I just can't seem fucking settle down - a bit agitated. keep wandering around Hackney, aimlessly. I've been to McDonalds twice and just sat in there drinking tea. I am not nuts I'm just stupid.

Darkersideofbridgetjones said...

Do you know me? Justin and I want to know who you are. We think we know who you might be.

So, it's your fourth hangover this week. Mmmmh. I see.

Are you a journalist? Because if you are we know who you are.

Darkersideofbridgetjones said...

Nope I am not pissed. I have drunk about five cups of tea and I have eaten two cheese burgers (79p a burger), six glasses of water.

I bet you don't eat bloody cheese burgers.

Anyway I will be happier later cos Corrie is on. I bet you don't watch soaps either.

Darkersideofbridgetjones said...

I am not going to go to any more political debates until I have been sober for at least three months. Time to really work at it. Listen Lucien I have made quite a few comic films (not porn) I did used to be a standup comedian. Do you how to upload them onto YouTube?

Lucien Modo said...

You know who I am!!! Shit the bed! Have I slept with you when either I or you were drunk?
I do have a hazy memory of a drunken fumble with a girl, that owned far too much pubic hair for a human, at the Mafuji Gallery in Hackney. Was that you?
How can I tell if you know me, if I don't know who you are? You are not crazy Helen are you? Because if you are I want you to stop leaving obscene messages on my answer-phone. And if you are Lesley then I have no memory of what I doing looking through your underwear draw... I think I was having a petite mal.

Darkersideofbridgetjones said...

Thanks Lucien - totally baffled by the fact you name my first name. Does my head in.

Darkersideofbridgetjones said...

You know my name - that's what I mean.

Darkersideofbridgetjones said...

Cheese Burgers! Urrggghhh! Disgusting.

Lucien Modo said...

Catrina MacKenzie?
Stand up porn... sounds exceptional... I'm not sure about up-loading films onto You-Tube, but I can find out, I have a little friend on the inside.
I make it a rule to get never drawn on politics. Politically, I would say I was a whig.

I am not a journalist. Jonathon?

Lucien Modo said...

No I don't eat cheeseburgers, and you are right I don't watch soaps.
I have a number of very amusing friends that provide far better entertainment than TV.

Lucien Modo said...


Canadian Wildlife Federation?

Since 1962, CWF has advocated the protection of Canada's wild species and spaces. Representing over 300,000 members and supporters, the federation is one of Canada's largest non-profit, non-governmental conservation organizations.

CWF is dedicated to fostering awareness and enjoyment of our natural world. Our objectives include:
encouraging an understanding of the impact of human activities on the environment;
promoting the sustainable use of our natural resources;
conducting and sponsoring research relating to wildlife and the environment;
recommending legislative changes to protect wildlife and its habitats; and
cooperating with organizations and government agencies with similar objectives.

Through extensive education and information programs, CWF encourages a future in which Canadians may live in harmony with the natural order.

Lucien Modo said...

The Canadian Wrestling Federation ?

Continental Wine and Food ?

Children Worldwide Fashion ?

Christian Workplace Forum ?

Darkersideofbridgetjones said...

Dear Lucien,

I am shocked by some of your comments. How the hell do you know my name? God! But at least you've brought a bloody smile to my face.
Fucking hell - time for another coffee.

You were previously TP Fuller? If that is the case then I emailed you, so you would know my name. But prior to that you knew my secret - which is now no longer a secret. So how on earth did you know? Heslington Group?

Anyway, Justin and I will just have to keep speculating. Or, maybe we'll both just get a life.

The guys in the internet cafe are smoking dope and watching porn. I don't think I should hang around here for much longer.

Good Bless Modo.

Lucien Modo said...

I have emailed you.

Smoking dope and watching porn in a café, how very left bank.

Do enjoy Corrie, I believe that tonight is the extended director's cut version, with thirty five minutes of additional action.

Newmania said...

Glad to hear that good

Hakenkreuz & Associates, Attorneys at Law said...


We feel we have to inform all on behalf of our client Mr. Lucien Modo, that at no time was he ever anyone than whom he is, to wit that he is one Lucien Modo, and no other. Claims made by others that might besmirch Mr. Modo fine reputation as a trader in the human grease market, will be met with smart action.
We thank you kindly for your time.

Bela Umalphi Hakenkreuz

Liberace said...

No nonononononono! George Best's surgeon indeed! My giddy fucking aunt!
And I am not him, him or her, or them or it! And I am not a was either!

Anonymous said...

Today's Mirror Front Page


BRITISH teacher Catriona McKenzie was found strangled and buried in a bathtub of sand.

Mirror 19th March