Sunday, 1 April 2007

Pissed off! John Bird is standing as an Independent candidate for the London Mayor.

I really enjoyed reading John Bird's article 'Get Your Rear into Gear'. Too tired to do a critique of it - but, here's a quote from it - "We have to find ways of taking back politics from the politicians ... by broadening the concept of politics to include activities at all levels of society." We have apathy amongst voters because people are sick of the stage managed spin. Let's have a serious, open and honest dialogue. The fewer voters the more damaging it is for the health and well being of our democracy.

I am exhausted, I have been walking around Hampstead all day. In Golders Green now I am travelling up to Scotland tonight.

Divided loyalties - I want John Bird to be the London mayor. He speaks the language that I understand. Basically, he wants to make politics more accessible. Why should it be reserved for the 'chattering classes'? Politicians should be 'drawn from different social backgrounds' - making Westminster a place which is much more reflective of the society it serves.

I am shattered - I wish I could go to bed.

John Bird we need to see and hear much more from you.


Bryn said...

Sadly I have to say I disagree. I heard him speak recently and just found him tiring and one issued. Maybe I am missing something but he made me think hooray for Ken (not that I am a Ken fan).

Take a look. B x

Rosalind said...

Good post.