Wednesday, 25 April 2007

The Secret Life of a Kanga - Mooh

Picture taken by Ms. Jean Brodie, of her favourite pet, the Kanga - Mooh.
Whilst in Scotland my mum said to me that she was sick of my Kanga - Mooh attacking Dougal (Dougal is my mum's Lhasa Apso), and that if I didn't sort it out she would get my Kanga Mooh put down. Dougal is a pampered pooch who is spoilt rotten, which does get really irritating sometimes.
My mum and I argued a little bit because she had been keeping my Kanga Mooh in a cage, and I told her specifically that my Kanga Mooh is a wild animal, and that he needs to have the freedom to run around the house. She lied to me.
I have actually had to keep the life and times of my Kanga Mooh top secret from my friends because of how rare my Kanga Mooh is. I didn't want to alarm any of them. There's not many of them about, you see. Do you know something, he is definitely going a bit funny at the moment though. I think basically he is in need of a mate.
I managed (I don't know how) to bring him back to London with me, two weeks ago now, on the National Express Coach. I had to give him a mild sedative because he is attacking humanoids as well as other pets. He was safe though, in my M&S carpet bag, I did make him very comfortable, ensuring that he had plenty of chedder and milk throughout his little journey.
I am thinking about approaching Justin Hinchcliffe and asking him if he will adopt my Kanga - Mooh. I do trust him, that's Justin, because I have seen the way he is with his other pets.
Kanga - Mooh - rare breed, occasionally found running around in amongst the heather covered hills of the remote Hebridean island of Sparán Tóruidhe.

Too tired for anything else. Got to go back now and feed my Kanga - Mooh. That's if I can find him. He keeps running away from me - he's a little terror!

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