Sunday, 15 April 2007

I am like a frog without any testicles

My poem.

I am like a frog without any testicles.
I am like a mechanic without a car.
I am like a composer without any talent.
I am like a dancer without any legs.
I am like a teacher without any students.
I am like a writer without any punctuation. Actually my punctuation is bad.
Instead I am a drunk with a hangover.

I am missing my mum basically. I love the woman to bits. I've only been back in Hackney a week and I am really homesick.

Whilst I was in Scotland Justin told me to contact the Perth Tories, which I did. I offered my services to them but they didn't call back, nevermind. I just got on my bike went cycling around the North inch. Lots of swimming in the outdoor heated pool. It's good but not as good as the Hackney Lido - now that must be the best outdoor pool I have ever swam in. I bloody love it, to me it's the best thing about Hackney.

Went out with Kate yesterday, she's my nurse friend, very funny woman. She graduates in August. We've decided that we are going to live together. We've worked out that we can probably buy a flat in Wanstead (fingers crossed) for two hundred thousand. It'll be a one bedroom flat, she can have the lounge. Whenever I tell my parents that I am going to be moving in with someone new my mother usually goes very pale, followed by 'are you sure that's good idea?' Maybe I should save Kate now and come clean and tell her the truth.

My mum is upset with me because I have fallen out with Justin. She really likes him she thinks the sunshines out of his arse. He's a good boy really.

Anyway not much happening in Hackney. I bought a vintage pink ball dress yesterday, which I am wearing now. I have had a few funny looks from people. It's not really appropriate dress wear for this internet cafe. I don't care. Some of my students have seen me they looked a bit embarrassed. I think it's a beautiful dress.

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