Sunday, 18 March 2007

Happy Birthday David Allen

I really loved your New Year's eve party.


T.P. Fuller said...

I have been keeping a low profile of late, as I was aggrieved by the most hurtful comments of Mister Hitchens, who has been a great disappointment to us all. Oh well!

If you want to say hello one of these fine days you might find me here.

Bien tout.

David Allen said...

Thank you for the best wishes, Sweetie!
I do enjoy your surreal blog _ a book deal must be on its way! (Bit not for that tosser, Justin Hinchcliffe _ he'd piss away the advance, anyway!)

The Hitch said...

why would anybody wish to say hello to a mere shadow?

Newmania said...

That is nice darker, of course David had better not eat that cakes judging from the Orca specimen Justin is advertising as the same man on his scandalous blog.