Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Dear Readers,

I have recently received an email from a university lecturer who is based in the North West, who thinks I have blackened his good name, on my blog. I must point out to this man that the names used on this blog are fictional, and are not based on real people. This is a surreal blog, with mostly made up nonsense. I cannot believe he is taking this blog seriously, when it is so obviously nonsense.

If I have caused offence in anyway then I apologise - it just happens to be a coincidence. I have tried to change the name on the post 'I was in Shameless Once', posted in March, but the blog is not allowing me to do so. I will try again later.



Doctor Finlay said...

Truth is an absolute defence to any accusation of defamation.....

Anonymous said...

Your husband's friend's guinea pig, Nnuffles:

Hello, Aunty Catriona. How are you? Long time since you gave me any brocoli.

I remember when you took me to your Arts College and I ate some of the grass. The grass was nice. Save the grass!

Snuffles XXX