Tuesday, 7 August 2007

To Vote for Your Best Political Blogs email iain@iaindale.com

My Top Ten are:
1) Croydonian (sharp witted, funny)
2) Donal Blaney (honest, sometimes controversial, thought provoking)
3) Prague Tory.
4) Dizzy Thinks.
5) Iain Dale (informative)
6) Hunter and Shooter (covers local and national issues, humorous at times)
7) Conservative Home.
8) Ellee Seymour.
9) Devil's Kitchen.
10) This space is reserved for Sue Joyson - I think if she started writing a political blog it would have a dedicated following.
11) Tory Radio (like the interactive nature of this blog)
As for the gossip in Perth - a very important person made the journey North at the weekend.
They flew up c/o BA. Yes, you've guessed it, it was doctor Finlay. He was very good to me, wining and dining me, took me to the rather sophisticated Dome restaurant, off George Street in Edinburgh, where he indulged me in Haggis covered in filo pastry - that's a first, peasant food made posh. We did other cultured things, visited galleries like the De Marco. I informed the doctor that I used to be part of Ricky De Marco's entourage, back in my arty farty post-Dartington College of Arts days. I don't think he was particularly impressed. In fact I don't think he's even heard of Ricky De Marco.
I also wanted to take the doctor on a bike ride down to the river Almond, but the weather was crap. It would of been nice to strip him bare and then throw him into the river, and then jump in afterwards and rescue him. Yeah, I am bit sick really aren't I? Never mind there's always next year.
Anyway going back to the political blogs competition - Justin Party Pants Hinchcliffe nominated my blog as a political blog, obviously taking the piss out of me, as per usual. He loves winding me up. My blog is not political. I wanted it to be at the beginning but I just got fed-up with it. When I start back at school I am going to do the following:
a) become a spy. Sign up to MI6, might be easier than being a drama teacher in Hackney.
b) No I am not, yes I am, well I might do.
c) Monday - write a political piece. Read Conservative Home more often and start buying the Daily Telegraph.
d) ?
e) Do you know what my dad is giving my sister her inheritage early. He is giving her forty thousand pounds so that she can complete her pilots training in Spain. That's not the entire cost of the course but it is a significant part of it.
f) I have to say I am bit miffed about this. I am living in a hostel in Hackney - with no prospects of ever buying or owning my own flat - coz I am poor. If he gave me my money now I could probably put that towards a property and get on the property ladder. He laughed at me the other day, he said that he had read an article that in the next five years property is going to go up by another forty percent. He said "... at that rate you'll have no chance of ever owning your own home".
g) Great, bloody great.
h) My sister already has over one hundred and twenty thousand in the bank, profit she made from the sale of a house she jointly owned with her ex-partner. They bought their home in 1992 for next to nothing - sixty thousand. It's now worth over quarter of a million.
i) 'Honey I Shrank the Kids' - shrink me Lord. I can afford to buy a Sindy house. I could live in one of those. I've always fancied Ken anyway. Mind you I don't think I could fit into any of either Barbie or Sindy's clothes, they have wasp like figures and I am too pear shaped for any of their outfits.


Praguetory said...

Thank you very much for the kind nomination. Did you know that I am reviewing my work and doing a blog called a year of political blogging? As another non-property owning thirtysomething my gf also pushed that article under my nose. Not sure I believe it, but anyway.

doctor finlay said...

I was awfa worried about you hen, and felt that a visit from the guid doctor would be a good idea....

Who's this Croydonian chap? Should I be worried?

Anonymous said...

You're a fucking nutter! (+: