Monday, 27 August 2007

Put them all on a Toxic Island.

I’ll keep this one short because I know my writing is rather pants.

I felt compelled to write down my thoughts on the problems of anti-social behaviour. The thing is, I have seen enough anti-social behaviour in the last five years to realise the following:

· That on the whole parents are useless. They don’t know how to be responsible – they do very little in fact to support their offspring through their school career. They expect the school to do every bloody little thing. If they carry on like this they may even start asking teachers to wipe their bums for them, do their housework for them, drive them to KFC to pick up a collection of McChicken McNasties for them etc.

· What parents are good at is complaining and blaming far too much, “Why has my son, got a permanently snotty nose since he started at this school? He never had this at his last school!”

· Me: “Well, perhaps if you started feeding him more greens, instead of going to KFC …..”

· That children are never properly disciplined and therefore never really see what the true consequences of their actions are.

· It’s all process and procedure/form filling/no real action is ever taken – it’s all cosmetic basically, lip service.

Ultimately, our schools are microcosm of the society that we live in. Therefore we MUST get tougher and adopt a policy of zero tolerance to ALL forms of anti-social behaviour. If children see that it’s basically an acceptable norm in our mainstream schools, then this will spill out into our streets and communities. And, this is exactly what is occurring right now.

Last week on the radio, a man who lives in the community where the little boy was shot, said that he and his family do not go out after 7pm, because they are too frightened of the youths from the neighbouring estate. He also stated that many of the residents had complained several times to the police but that nothing was ever done about it, by the police.


Parents/guardians/kids sign a contract at school which states that the school has a zero policy to any form of anti-social behaviour, particularly violence. Stating that it has no place within the mainstream of our schools or indeed our society. If it does occur the child is with immediate effect permanently excluded, and withdrawn from mainstream education.

Another thing that gets on my nerves is that teachers build up a case against a difficult child (one, who has been violent, abusive, disruptive etc) and the parents appeal and the child ends up staying in the school. The kid comes back with glee in his face “Ha ha ha, you can’t get rid of me!” The other children see this and think, “Mmmmm we can get away with anything at this place”.

The problem is there are too many appeals, too many people scared of offending people. If a kid is bad chuck him out – I think there is an island off the North West coast of Scotland, which is highly toxic from some experiments they did there during the Second World War. It’s full of radiation basically. These kids are toxic, they don’t want to contribute positively and productively to our society, so put them all on a couple of national express coaches, and drive them up to Largs. Pack them onto the ferry and just dump them there, on the toxic island.

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Doctor Finlay said...

The island in question is called Gruinard. An anthrax bomb was detonated there as a test during the war.