Friday, 10 August 2007

Support the People on the Ground During the By Elections.

We should ALL do more canvassing. I know people write their political blogs as a way of supporting the party, but I think we could all be doing a lot more, in terms of physical support, on the ground. Whenever I go out canvassing help is always thin on the ground, and that’s one thing about Labour they seem to be very good at organising coach loads of people. Canvassing (I know it’s not always easy, especially when you’ve got work/family commitments) really is such an effective way of gaining more interest, but we just seem to be very bad at it. Perhaps we’re all a bit too much into self-promotion. I know it’s not particularly glamorous work, and ladies you have to wear flat shoes, although if you speak to Justin he will tell you I always wear my four and half inch stilettos – bubble gum pink, can’t bear to be a short arse.

I must say Justin Hinchcliffe is very good at going out and delivering leaflets, in all kinds of weather conditions, as boring and as tedious as this type of work might be it is essential. Small acorns ………. Big trees ……….. and all that.

For details of the By Elections contact Ian Sanderson at CCHQ.

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