Saturday, 21 July 2007

I'm in Scotland for five weeks without doctor Finlay.

School is finally out.

I am already missing doctor Finlay. He had to stay behind in London, to attend to some of his patients. I sincerely hope that when I return he is still working on the same ward, as I might get all confused and disorientated. God Bless him and all of his patients.

He has some really sick ones on his ward you know. So, I couldn't possibly expect him to leave them, they're vulnerable and they depend on is healing hands. I couldn't possibly have expected him to travel on this treacherous winding, narrow mountainous road, all the way to the highlands. I mean poor old Joan Parker - she's one of his dependent patients. The ninety year old Joan, a pensioner, she has to have a prosthetic thumb replaced next week. Poor woman has been waiting on an NHS waiting list for the last 6 months, just to get this damn thing replaced.

Accordning to her son Bobby, she's itching to get back to her knitting and needs that thumb back!! Without a thumb she simply cannot do all of the fancy, award winning knitting, that she's so used to doing. Her grand kids are really pissed off about it, they love her mow hair jumpers, scarfs, mittens and woollen booties that she knits so well. Her mittens have won prizes in the North West. In fact she was until her thumb dropped off the best knitter of mittens in England.

Okay, I know it's the summer but her grand kids like to stock up on woollies for the winter months. They're vain like that you see, they like a different jumper for each day of the week.

According to the doctor this can be a risky operation involving three hours on the operating table. There's a danger that all of her digits might not be able to take the strain and drop off, during the op. Doctor Finlay confessed to me that it's not something he's very confident about performing, but as he is the only surgeon in Britain to have performed this challenging operation once before - he was made to do it again.

He was emotionally blackmailed into doing it again actually, if truth be told, by one her over enthusiastic relatives. I'm sure it'll be fine, he has steady pair of hands.

I love doctor Finlay. I know it's difficult for him to love me because it's just not the done thing. He's my doctor and he could if he's not careful get struck off the medical register for having a relationship with one of his sick patients. I am certainly not going to tell anyone about it.

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