Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen may I present to you his royal highness the King of social justice and the champion of the peoples' society. It's the King IDS.

It's about time politicians looked at mending our broken society - it's a bloody mess. Where do you start? CSJ have had to ask some difficult questions. The answers won't come over night but at least they've started to really consider what might actually help the vulnerable and the disaffected, mind you it's not just those folk, it's about people on low incomes struggling to keep their heads above water. Stop patronising people with benefits Mr. Gordon Nose Picker Brown - most people want responsibility, want to work and have reasonably good quality of life. It's complex there's a lot to fix up and it won't be an easy job. Basically, Britain is an expensive lifestyle. PLC Britain, we're all share holders with the majority of us getting very little in return. Let's sack the MD - throw him out, throw him into a pit of wiggly worms - he'll love that.

It's hard for young people to get onto the property ladder and then for them to have to manage their finances, it's even harder because of the cost of living is just so expensive, in fact it's a squuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzeeeeee. They probably have to juggle university debts and a significant part of their income will be spent on their mortgage repayments and then there's their energy bills, council tax bills, all that will be left is barely enough money for them to buy a Big Mac. Perhaps that's all that they can afford to eat - Big Mac's, if this is their regular diet they will then become clinically obese, so they'll have to go and get their stomachs stapled, which will put greater strain on an already struggling NHS. If they don't get their stomachs stapled and continue to eat Big Mac's they'll end up damaging their joints and could potentially end up wheelchair bound, so they may even have to stop working altogether. Then who will pay their mortgage? So, they could potentially lose their home, so they'll have to be accommodated in social housing, but as we all know there is a shortage of social housing, so they'll end up being put up in a B&B, where they'll be exposed to regular fry-ups every morning. By this time they'll have become so obese that a hotel we'll have to be specially built for them.

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Anonymous said...

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