Monday, 1 October 2007

My Unfortunate Encounter with a Roach.

My cockroach nightmare.

I got into school this morning just after seven, outside my office was what appeared to be a novelty button, so I picked it up, to take a closer inspection. I thought my boss Christina might have dropped it. But, I was wrong, the thing I was holding in between my fingers was a live cockroach. I screamed my head off!!! It got away, I threw it down onto the floor, the caretaker came running down the corridor to see what all the fuss was about. He said, 'don't worry love, you won't see that thing again, it will have disappeared, into one of the cracks in the wall!'

How wrong he was, twenty minutes later, it reappeared and was walking towards me. Massive!! It could of gone on my leg or anything. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! HELP!!!

Doctor Finlay phoned me this morning, at a critical moment. the cleaner had just smashed the roach with the end of his broom. I am scared, because I know there will be more. Apparently, there's hundreds.

I wish I was in Blackpool slurping champagne with the doctor.

Anyway the latest news is that I have bought a second hand cello. I need a hobby. I have spent the last three months learning how to bandage the doctor up, like a mummy, from head to toe. He loves that, but I need to be more versatile in what I do. So, instead I am going to learn how to play Bach and then wrap him up like a mummy with bandages.

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Tom Mason said...

That sounds pretty grim :-(

Am having similar encounters here - after moving from a hermetically sealed new-build flat to a rickety old house in the countryside, I'm having to reacquaint myself with all manner of creepy-crawlies.

We don't have any roaches (thank god) but big spiders, wasps, daddy longlegses, and woodlice are in abundance.

Not pleased.