Friday, 26 October 2007

Read Conservative Home's article 'BBC employees are eleven times more likely to be liberal than conservative'.

Conservative Home.

Doctor Finlay has many hundreds if not thousands of books in his surgery, sometimes it resembles a library as opposed to a medical centre. Anyway, I happened to stumble, accidentally, across a book called 'Scrap the BBC!' by Richard D. North, and this is one of the things he says in his book: -

'The BBC is populated by many people who are broadly of the centre-left, but it doesn't suffer from leftish bias: it suffers from a stodgy green, soft-left green liberalism, which isn't the same thing. Now, in any case, political paranoia about the BBC is an equal opportunity experience: the two parties which share power, share their unease about the BBC. They also understand it and are understood by it. This is perhaps the worst feature of the present state of play: the media and the parties view each other as instruments that should be played'. page 89, 'Scrap the BBC' by Richard D North.

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SamuelCoates said...

Thanks for the link, great quote.