Wednesday, 17 October 2007

So, where are you going Mavis?

Me: So, where are you going Mavis?
Mavis: (no reply, instead Mavis grabs her inhaler and sucks it).
Me: Do you always carry a thick bicycle chain around in your handbag? And that balaclava ... those leather gloves and that torch..... what are all of those things doing in your handbag? Mavis?

In school we call this tactically ignoring certain behaviour.

Narrator: Mavis is a member of the ageist party, also known as the LibDems. She is currently packing her handbag. I notice that she has also got a flask of tea in there, along with a couple of rounds of potted tuna sandwichs.

Mavis: (looks up, shakes her head) And, ham with branston pickle!

Narrator: And, ham with branston pickle.

Mavis: I thought that's what YOU wanted.

Narrator: Yes, I did, I did say that, sorry I'm not being ungrateful Mavis.

Me: That should keep her going for a bit. What's she going to be doing with all of those things?

Narrator: She's on her way to the LibDems HQ, where she is going to chain herself to the railings.

Me: Why?

Narrator: She believes that if the ageist party, also known as the LibDems get into power they might create an ageist state called 'Logan's Run'. So, she's protesting. A group of other elderly women will be joining her. Actually we're talking the entire British population of women, who are over 65.

Me: Won't that run into millions?

Narrator: Yes, yes it will.

Me: That's alot of sandwichs?

Narrator: It's alright though because the Pankhursts are going to be helping out, making tea and serving scones I think.

Me: Right, they've got a fair bit of experience of that sort of thing.

Narrator: Absolutely.

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