Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Dirty European Socialist - 'Ave you 'eard yourself recently?'

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tories have won next election thanks to Oxbridge conspiracy

Congratulations Mr Blair, the Oxbridge conspiracy and to the Tories you have won the next election by a landslide. 14 points in the lead in the last opinion view in the independent. You have ousted the first non Oxbridge partnership as Chancellor and PM since WW2. It took a few weeks of hysteria. We have all learnt who runs the country. The English people have spoken they are subservient to you. And you will get your people, and your people only back into office again and again and again. You must be proud.
Somehow you managed to blame Northern Rock on labour. Yes a private bank going out of business is all the fault of the government, despite the fact that economic growth is still strong. Your hysteria has worked.
Then Mr Blair's army buddies gave a death blow to the government. The same army bosses who never even squeaked Blair was in office decided it was time to say what a terrible government we had. Thanks for that Mr Blair. Thanks for killing our government. Oh we
soooooo Miss you. You petty vindictive man.
Well done you
tories have won the government is dead. You have won. Most of you bloggers didn't go to oxbridge. so you are looked on with the same contempt this present government is looked on by the establishment of Oxbridge big business conspirators. Why do you love the establishment so much?
Do you think they will give you something?
Poor misguided idealistic fools I pity you.
Well done you have won. Your utopia that the
tories will bring is just around the corner.

Bloody hell mate, get a grip, will you? Next you'll be telling us that Cherie Blair-Booth, that hghly paid working class, barrister QC woman from working class Bury, a hundred million miles away from twee Oxbridge, kidnapped the bloody Boswell aliens. Lar dee bloody dar.

Mind you perhaps there is some truth in this conspiracy theory business. If you read Cherie Booth's Wikpedia entry it states the following:

"John Wilkes Booth, the infamous professional stage actor who assassinated Abraham Lincoln, is a distant relative of Cherie Blair".

Could be bollocks of course, it probably is.



You there. You are obbsessed with me. You know I speak the truth.

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Hope you don't mind but I've linked to this entry. Our political leanings may differ, but there are some things that we agree on.



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