Friday, 23 February 2007

Coming Soon, my take on - Civil Servants Who Bitch.

I am not happy. Where I work it is full of unexpected twists and turns. This half-term I've gone in every day (apart from Monday) and worked my socks off. I haven't done any teaching preparation - nope! What I've been doing is laborious paperwork - clocked up about twenty five hours and I still haven't cleared my desk. I discovered today from a colleague that my boss has been bitching about me - BIG TIME! God only knows what I' m meant to have fucking well done wrong - worked too hard perhaps? She's so two faced, it was all smiles on Tuesday when I saw her.

Anyway - here's some bitching about her - she's been shagging the Deputy Head for the last five and half years! And, he's married. Total hypocrite, whenever he delivers his assmeblies - they're always about maintaining good strong, Christian family values.

Tell you what ladies (not my thing though - far too independent for that shite) this affair business certainly is a fastrack to promotion.

It has definitely gone to her head, she thinks she is Queen Bee now. Well, let me tell you I also have a sting in my tail!

On strike now for a few days.


Newmania said...

Sorry dark side but you are going to have to lose the scuples. Put out a bit more then you may get something nice back

Thats my advice young lady stop being a Miss Clever Clogs and start being a dishy minx and most of your problems will disappear. I `ve seen you and you don`t look to bad in a dim light after 8 pints. Not to bad at all.

Well done


Harvey Milk said...
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Darkersideofbridgetjones said...

Soon, there will be petition to get the Fuller back.