Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Will Britain Ever Become an Islamic State?

With the emergence of this strong Islamic awareness is Britain on the verge of beocming an Islamic State? What we're experiencing now are increasing numbers of Islamo-Fascists, chiefly those funded by Al-Qaeda, preaching hatred and jihad in mosques all over the world. We must consider how to stop them from further radicalizing young British Muslim men. These extremists are declaring that there can be no negotiation with Islam. What they are striving for is the absolute inevitable – a state controlled by Shari'ah law.

The truth about the veil.
“While women have always worshipped at the holy mosques at Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem, around 60% of British Mosques totally exclude women. And only a handful allow women a real say in decision-making. Never before has a Muslim group openly challenged this situation and demanded that the example of the Prophet (PBUH), giving women full access to the mosques, must be followed in 21st Century Britain”.
Channel 4 dispatches “Women Only Jihad". Saturday, 28th October 2006


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