Friday, 23 February 2007

Finsbury Park Residents Want to Know Why.

The above photo is of 'Freddy the Famous Finsbury Park Squirrel', taken by a Ms. Jean Brodie during the summer of 2005.
Born 2002 - died 2007

Breaking News….A park in North London is said to be besieged with mourners for Freddy, the famous Finsbury Park squirrel.“You can hardly walk,” said one grieving woman, as she stepped over one of many thousands of floral tributes. The park is said to be awash with roses (which were apparently the squirrel’s favourite flower).“He captivated all of our hearts and minds, he was simply the best”, said another woman holding close to her chest, a photograph of the pink eyed squirrel.Residents near Finsbury Park are said be furious with the driver of a black ‘T.P. Fuller’ van. The driver of this van is thought to be the one responsible for Freddy’s hit and run death last week.A large busted lady from Turnpike Lane said of Freddy, “He was the kindest squirrel I’ve ever met. The park will never be the same without him”.

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