Saturday, 24 February 2007

Phone Call From T.P. Fuller.

Photograph above shows the former T.P Fuller (now known as Ibn Battuta) catching his breakfast this morning.

Last night I couldn't sleep, this was due to the shocking news I received about the whereabouts of T.P. Fuller. Basically, he's gone mad and thinks he's Ibn Battuta, and that its the year 1325.
As we speak he's got a camel in between his legs and is sat in between two enormous humps, traveling through Morocco. Regular updates to follow.....

I've been in Chelsea all day completing a public speaking course for W2W. It's not often that I am allowed to venture out of the ghetto. It was like going to Blackpool for the day, except there were no illuminations and of course no sandy beach present.

We all had to pick cards with random topics on, mine was on fashion, so, naturally I was in my element - Primark eat your heart out. I captivated my Chelsea audience, one of them even asked me when Primark will be opening on the King's Road. I just said I had no idea as I had not been in regular contact with the CEO for some considerable time.


Oliver Gosling said...

I was a cousin of the late T. P. Fuller. I am sorry to inform you that sadly Thomas died in hospital after he came off his N.S.U. Quickly on gravel on his way back from the shops in Adcaster.
Although he never fully regained consciousness, he did mutter a few choice words, but I will spare both our blushes by omitting the details.

Many Thanks

The Hitch said...

Isn't it "Primark"?
Fuller is an arse , well the one you call "Fuller" completely odious

Darkersideofbridgetjones said...

Welcome Oliver!
You must provide me with more details. I have to say though there are several T.P.Fullers residing in the United Kingdom and the one you are talking about (your cousin) is not the T.P. Fuller I am talking about. But, if there is anything I can do to help you and your family at this difficult time, then do please let me know.
God Bless.

A. A. Sims said...

I am intrigued! Who is this fellow that seems to rouse such a conflict of opinion?

Darkersideofbridgetjones said...

Dear A.A. Simms,

More details to follow ... I have to go home now and start doing some preparation for tomorrow.

I need some coffee.

God Bless.

A. A. Sims said...

Bridgit Jones,

I will await with breath bated.

Lucien Modo said...

My My My...

One goes away for a few weeks and what happens? Peter I thought you were friends with Thomas?

Hello too to the Back Side of Bridget Jones. You must be new dear! Let me take the trouble to say hello and welcome. Try to ignore the slings and arrows BJ.