Sunday, 25 February 2007

So, it's official - it's a dull and dim Darker Side of Bridget Jones. Apparently, according to the elite.

The Day I was Snubbed .....

Well, thank you ‘H’ for pointing out the correct spelling of Primark. I am actually quite dim really; this is why I teach the Dramatic Arts as opposed to the more academically challenging subjects.

Yesterday I was speaking to what I consider to be one of the new Metropolitan Elite. She is a prospective candidate. At first I thought what a lovely woman but as the conversation progressed I could see that she was getting bored and I was right: She then proceeded to put her hand up to my face (as in the Jerry Springer show, “Talk to the hand coz the face ain't listening” sort of a gesture) and abruptly said ‘Okay!’

which I interpreted as a signal for me to stop talking, which of course I did, straightaway. At which point she turned her back on me and walked away, and found a group of other, more interesting women to speak to (all clones of her probably). For about five minutes I just stared at her back wondering why. I mean I know I am no sophisticated middle class bird – but, really what was so offensive about the subject matter? We were discussing my school. If she cannot relate to an inner city school teacher from Hackney, then who can she relate too? Obviously, ego is her main motivation in wanting to become an MP. Either that or I am incredibly dull.

It seems though that our paths are destined to meet again, in two weeks in fact. I have been invited to sit on a selection committee. And, guess who I will be interviewing?


Anonymous said...

This woman sounds like a right horror - name and shame her!

Anonymous said...

This woman sounds like a right horror - name and shame her!

The Hitch said...

justin is correct
who gives a F about people like that.
No doubt she has a string of sordid stories in her past, keep your ears open, note them down and get ready to profit from them in the future, that or get ready to savour her despair and failure.

Darkersideofbridgetjones said...

I'm off home - good night.